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Are you a gardener of wonder?

I have a simple motivation for writing this blog. I want to encourage gardeners to go back to basics and do what they are not supposed to - worry less about growing perfect flowers and tidy lawns but rather to grow wonders, and to grow as people too.​

Becoming a wonder gardener is rewarding, and really quite easy, if you are prepared to change a few habits. For example:

  • Making our own choices and freeing ourselves from what neighbours or onlookers think.

  • Keeping the pesticides away

  • Seeing the latest fashions or ‘lifestyle’ promotions as the fads they are and instead committing to things that last.

  • Avoiding total dependence on big companies, or even big charities for food, beauty, health and conservation of abundance. Life is ours to live and also ours to cherish.

  • Recognising that most magazines and TV are just parts of the Garden Profit Machine and the things they tell us will be motivated by that. We can choose differently.


I hope that armed with passion, more understanding and a little inspiration you will want to be a gardener of wonders.

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